Friday, June 08, 2018

Sewing Kits, Lessons & Treasures

 This is my Mom's sewing box, that I mentioned in yesterday's post.
I'm so pleased that it came to live with me. I treasure it!
When I lived in BC and the town had to evacuate because of fire, I was very limited what I could take with me.
My sewing machine (which I bought when I was 15, at my Mom's suggestion) and her sewing box were among the few items!

It's a lovely wooden box, with a tray on top and a storage area underneath.
I don't have a key for it, and don't remember seeing one, when I was growing up.

I keep little sewing treasures that I have - some of them from my Mom and others not as old, but they look that way.

This is a picture with the top tray pulled out, so you can peek into the bottom.
I'll point out a few fun things to look for...
~The sweet J & P Coats Sewing Kit with the 9 tiny spools of thread - Adorable!
~That wooden piece across the front of the tray is an amazing old wooden ruler that's cubed, which I found underneath the tray.
~I was so touched to discover that my Mom kept & used the pincushion that I made for her, when I was a little girl! It's the colourful green one in the bottom of the box, where I now keep it. I found it in the top tray when the box arrived, will all her pins in it.
~That's my Mom's brass thimble in the bottom right section of the tray and also in the picture of my Victoriana Sewing Kit further down.

What special sewing items do you treasure?

Victorian Trade Card...

I believe passing our sewing skills on can only be a good thing!
It can even be something as simple as teaching someone to sew a button.

Fabrics Playing Well Together...

 Victoriana Sewing Kit Pattern
I still love this grouping of fabrics I used to make my sewing kit.
That's the fun part of making your own, as you get to choose the fabrics you love!
The pattern is available here

Happy Stitching!

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