Monday, June 04, 2018

Violets & Ivy

I haven't done too much with the garden around my home, yet.
These Grape Hyacinth, Wisteria & Lilac bush were already here. The violets grow wild in the forest, so I moved this batch close to the house, because I love them so much.
They've not failed to give me lovely spots of colour, year after year.
Purple & green look so pretty together! 

Violets & Ivy Quilt...

In 2004 I designed the Violets & Ivy sampler wall hanging quilt above.
I had been given a bunch of Waverly Sweet Violets scrap fabrics, by a couple who made placemats & other kitchen accessories, to sell at the local flea market.
Of course they used the important motifs in their sewing, and the scraps were mostly white background pieces with bits of ivy and some violets.
This was perfect to use as the white fabric of my lattice borders, as it gives it an appearance of ivy & violets growing on the lattice.
From there, I added the large violets block, and the center heart, which I made using a garden motif fabric cut in a heart shape and a collage of violets around the edge. 
The topiary, too, was created using collage.
Of course my Violets & Ivy quilt pattern has all the how to details & full size templates.

More Violets...

This violet block above is from my Celebrating Flowers series (2014).
The flowers are embroidered using silk ribbon embroidery.

These blocks were inspired by vintage postcards.

And this sweet crazy quilt hexagon above is from my Crazy Quilt Monthly Memories series from 2008.

You have my permission to share this Victorian Language of Flowers image.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I have blues and violets in my garden. You are right, they look great with the green. Nature never fails.
    Your designs are so lovely.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Ruth - I'm 'sew' glad to hear you like them! :)

  2. They are absolutely beautiful!

  3. I have a beautiful lilac bush, clusters of grape hyacinths, purple and lavender irises, and violets all over my lawn, but no wisteria. I'd share a picture of my "violet" lawn from this spring
    , but don't see a SHARE button. Love the purple crazy quilt hexagon.

    1. Thanks, Betty.
      I would love to see your picture, Betty - that sounds lovely!
      Violets are one of my absolute favourite flowers.
      Feel free to post it on my Facebook page, if you like.