Saturday, June 09, 2018

Backing Quilt Ideas

Five years ago I started adding ideas for backing a quilt to my site.
Fun things to do with the leftover fabric from making a quilt, to include a backing that matches - something different from using a single fabric.
These started as pictures only.
When I had 9 of them, I published these as a pdf file, that you can request from Victoriana Quilt Designs.
I didn't include instructions, as each quilt is a different size.
Many quilters have asked for me for the directions.

This year, as the Member's Series, I'm adding the instructions for these ideas, which includes the calculations that allow you to make the same backing idea for any size quilt.
Or you can even make any of them as a quilt - in any size! 

Today I added the calculations and pattern instructions for Idea #5: Patchwork the Scraps.

Currently Available to Member's of Victoriana Quilt Designs:
1. Almost 4-Patch
2. Gift Box
3. Framed
4. Bands
5. Patchwork the Scraps

Coming Soon...
6. Strip Up the Scraps
7. Balance
8. Frame Up
9. Stepping Stones
10. Checkerboard
11. Wonky Wedges
12. Gift Box #2
Plus more...

Have you patched up your quilt backs with multiple fabrics?

Happy Stitching!

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