Friday, June 29, 2018

Colouring Fun!

Free Printable Quilty Bookmarks with Matching Printable Backs
Way back, almost two decades ago, when I had more time, I used to love drawing and colouring pictures of some of my early quilt designs.
You can see many of them, which now are sold on my site as printable quilt note cards here. They are near the bottom of the page.

A few years ago I turned some of that art work into my Free Printable Quilty Bookmarks with Matching Printable Backs, that are still available on my site for you to request, print and gift to your quilting friends!
Click the highlighted words to get directly to that page.

I also used them for my free printable quilt labels, too!

Free Printable Quilt Graph Papers
These days, the only colouring I have time for is to colour my quilt designs, to see how they will look in fabric.
I draw my quilt on my printable graph paper and enjoy digging into my box of pencil crayons for some colouring fun.
You can do the same - Request my Free Printable Graph Papers here.

Happy Colouring!

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