Thursday, June 07, 2018

Using Silk Ribbon Embroidery in a Quilt

Celebrating Flowers Quilt

I mentioned this quilt the other day, when I featured the Violet block.
It is my Celebrating Flowers series from 2014 and was inspired by vintage postcards.
It's done quilt-as-you-go method, and each flower is embroidered using silk ribbon embroidery, through all the layers.
There is also embroidery with floss around the letters.
It is a great quilt to learn and play with silk ribbon embroidery.
Each block can be made to stand alone, or you can put it together, like I did, to display on a wall.

Close Up of Carnation Flowers

Close Up of Chrysanthemum Flowers

My Silk Ribbon Embroidery (SRE) How to page is here.

I am currently repeating this series as a free Block of the Month, through my other site: Quilty Finds (a place I share free quilt patterns/tutorials I find online).
The June block is available now!
This series is also available to Victoriana Quilters members in the Past Blocks of the Month.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tools...

You probably already have everything you need to do silk ribbon embroidery.
Perhaps all but the lovely soft silk ribbons? (*See below - I can help with that.)

For this quilt you'll need
~Silk Ribbons (4mm)
~Thin Cotton Batting
~Fusible Webbing
~Fusible Interfacing
~Embroidery Floss
~Matching Thread
~Mechanical Pencil
~Matching Pencil Crayons
~Black Fabric Pen
~Embroidery Needles
~Small Scissors
~Masking Tape
~Laying Tool (or blunt needle)**

**What's a 'laying tool'?
It's used to help control the silk ribbon as you lay the ribbon, when your pulling it through the fabric.
In my picture above that tortoiseshell coloured tool is what I use.
I don't know if it was originally sold as a laying tool - I found it in the sewing box I inherited from my Mom, and it worked perfectly!
Tip: Any small round item would work - even a large blunt needle. 

Limited Edition Silk Ribbon Packages...

I currently have available on my site a lovely selection of 4mm Silk Ribbons.
And at a great price, too - Perfect as a starter package!

You get 5 yards each in 16 different colours. 
The colours include White, Sun Gold, Pink, Rose, Burgundy, Red, Purple, Green, Sage Green, Moss Green, Christmas Green, Forest Green, Pale Blue, Medium Blue, Blue, Denim Blue. 
The whole lot is only $25.00 (USD) (shipping included).
You'll find the Silk Ribbon Packages page here.

Close ups of silk ribbons

'Sew' Lovely!

Happy Stitching!

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