Friday, June 15, 2018

Where My Quilt Designing Began

Victorian Manor - 1991
I thought it was a good time to take you way back, to where my designing quilts began.
This week it'll be 17 years since Victoriana Quilt Designs went online.

Earlier I wrote about the first quilt top I made, when I was 13.
But then it took me until the late 1980's until I made my next quilt and a few small quilt projects.

In 1991 I joined Simcoe County Quilters' Guild.
Following my third meeting, after listening to guest speaker Nancy Halpern, I went home all inspired.

I loved Victorian homes and decided I would make one as a quilted wall hanging.
I hadn't even learnt everything about quilting...and didn't even know there was a rotary cutter and mat, yet. In retrospect it was a bold thought.
The 'Victorian Manor' quilt is the result, which I brought to the next meeting, a month later.
I used solid fabrics, embroidered the brick and roof tiles, and used ribbons and laces for the rest.
I can still vividly remember what it sounds like to have 150 skillful quilters gasp, as my quilt was revealed for show & tell.
I floated on that for weeks! 
That sent me home to make more.

The Painted Lady - 1992
The Painted Lady Close Up

The Mill - 1992
Those rocks in the foundation are all individually appliqued.
There was no fabric printed with rocks then.

Attic Treasures - 1993
Attic Treasures Close Up 1
That's a real rag rug, that I braided, before appliqueing it to the quilt.

Attic Treasures Close Up 2
My first Crazy Quilting!

By 1993, I also belonged to Georgian Bay Quilters' Guild, and they asked me to create a workshop to teach my pictorial quilt method.

Victorian House - 1993
That's how my Victorian House Pictorial Quilt Workshop was created.
And for several years I taught this workshop - and even did some travelling to teach.
But decided in the end, that I enjoyed staying at home and creating, which is why my website is the perfect method for sharing my quilt pattern designs with you!

In 1998 I even designed the banner for Simcoe County Quilters' Guild!

If you'd like to see how my designing evolved from there, I have a 'Quilt Show' section were you can see them through the years.

Thanks for Your Interest!

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