Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Follow the Quilting Rainbow

As quilters, we love colour, and playing with combinations of them.
And I think we all love a rainbow of colours - what's not to like!

Today I'm sharing my rainbow inspired quilt designs, and a little about them.

In 2008 I designed this Colour Wheel wall hanging quilt, as part of my Victoriana Dresdens series.

I love the way black makes colour 'pop', making them so much more.
You can find this quilt pattern here.

Woven Crayons
This quilt from 2012 was fun to design and then sew.
Puzzling out the best way to sew together a quilt is something that's a requirement in my work - and I love finding the easy methods to share in my patterns.
A box of crayons is just like a rainbow!
You can find this Woven Crayons quilt pattern here.

Scrappy Rainbow Crossroads

This fun scrappy quilt was part of my 2013 Block of the Month!
You'll find this quilt tutorial in the Past Blocks of the Month section.

Scrap Happy

After working with the 'weave' look in some of my quilt designs (starting with the Woven Crayons above), and then the Scrappy Rainbow Crosswords (also above), this scrappy design came to me in 2014 as a combination of both.
And now I've added several more 'Scrap Happy' designs to this series, too!
You'll find this Scrap Happy quilt pattern here

Colour My World

In 2014 I also designed and made this fun colourful quilt!
I so enjoyed doing coloured quilting around the shapes, with embroidery floss.
You'll see a detail of that and find the pattern here.

Stained Glass Strings

My latest rainbow quilt.
I made it as a 'Welcome' quilt in 2016.
This 'quilt as you go' strings design is one of my favourite fun quilts to make!

A funny thing about colour...

Image ©

This could explain a lot! :)

Happy Colours!

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